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Web Development offers a broad spectrum incorporating all areas of developing a web site for the concept known to the world as World Wide Web. This compasses e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side coding, and web server configuration. However, web professionals consider that "web development" is an indication of non-design aspects of building Web sites, e.g. writing markup and coding.

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Geo -Targeted SEO Services (SEO)


Search engine produce different results for different locations, these results are based on search engines perception of websites location (based on various factors). Optimizing your website for a location can actually put your SEO efforts in the right direction.

Regional SEO / Local Search Engine Marketing for your business.

We, at E2webservices.com, have the expertise in providing proven regional SEO services that help you to optimize your website for a specific location and achieve top 10 rankings with the search engines. Our state of the art technology chiefly focuses on how to achieve regional search engine rankings and this approach helps you to target your customer base effectively and raise your ROI.

Seo Process

Factors that Can Effect Regional Search Engine Rankings:-

Local Domain Extension
We select Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions like .co.uk, .co.au or .co.nz etc based on your website and your targeted location.

Regional Hosting
We give much importance to the server’s physical location and ensure hosting your website in the country that you are targeting.

Regional Directories
We help your website to get listed in the regional directories as they feature well in the geo- targeted search results and you can gain local traffic that the directories may pass on.

We ensure that the appropriate spelling and language based on the chosen region is selected so that local users are familiar to it.

Local Contact Information
We specify local address, business name and contact numbers that enable the website to become more credible to the local audience.

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