Facebook Marketing

Web Development offers a broad spectrum incorporating all areas of developing a web site for the concept known to the world as World Wide Web. This compasses e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side coding, and web server configuration. However, web professionals consider that "web development" is an indication of non-design aspects of building Web sites, e.g. writing markup and coding.

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Facebook Marketing

It is your life that is going viral

When your business is concerned, the importance of social media for marketing the business cannot be underestimated. Facebook marketing is one of the most widely used and accepted online marketing techniques that aid you in knowing:

  • Where a considerable chunk of your target audience is spending its time?
  • How your target audience wants to interact with you?
  • How can you integrate your potential customers in your product development lifecycle?
  • How can you get real-time feedback for the effectual modification of your products and services?

Some statistical facts about Facebook

  • 800 million total users
  • 500 million active users
  • 3 million active fan pages
  • 250 million of photo uploads daily
  • More than 1 million websites are having Facebook integration

These facts and figures imply that Facebook is a unique social media platform that gives you an incredible and unprecedented opportunity to give meaning and right direction to your pointless purchases. By indulging in Facebook conversations with your customers, you can certainly drive higher traffic and increase your sales with a deep human touch.

Our ORM services will aid you with:

Building the long term commitment

Building long term relationships with customers is a time consuming process. You need to engage with them present for them at all times, you need to listen to your customers and above all, you need to respond. Once you have done listening, you need to assess, tweak and improve your strategies to satisfy the needs and demands of your customers.

And e2webservices helps you in all this while delivering you the best Facebook marketing services.

We strive to help your brand get established on Facebook by indulging in profile creation, updating posts, sourcing content and detailed reporting with proper analysis. We perform conversations on your behalf and participate in them to listen to what your audience and customers (both existing & potential) have to say about you.

We help you indulge more and more with your customers to accumulate feedback on your products and services that can help you improve your service offerings and product lines.

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